Asgard Missions (found at 1@eom 98,126) offer players a chance to 'Play2Win' with it's many enjoyable missions with entirely custom rewards! It is a great way to earn powerful gear, as well as Asgard Valor! It is highly reccommended to use the Brilliant Seraphim Wings Shadow Garment's effect or something similar. Allowing Comet to autocast when activating Lord of Vermillion (which Brilliant Seraphim Wings enables for all classes when equipped) is an excellent way to maximize hunting in combination with @jump set to an (ALT + M) macro.

  • Any and all mission-related items have had their weight reduced to 0 and removed. ALWAYS REMEMBER @autoloot!

Mission DifficultyEdit

  • ☆☆☆☆ 1/5 Star Difficulty. Meant to be completed by starting characters. Expected completion time; (45m~1.5hr)
  • ☆☆☆ 2/5 Star Difficulty. Meant to be completed by beginners. Expected completion time; (1hr~2hr)
  • ☆☆ 3/5 Star Difficulty. Meant to be completed by max level characters. Expected completion time; (1.5hr~2.5hr)
  • 4/5 Star Difficulty. Meant to be completed by fully equipped characters. Expected completion time; (2.5hr~3.5hr)
  • 5/5 Star Difficulty. You will not survive.

Lutie's Potato ShortageEdit

[Rating: ☆☆☆☆]
[Map: 'mjolnir_06' ]

  • Shortly after 'borrowing' Polar Bear Caps from Santa Claus, The Smokie 'Hooray Gang' sought Lutie's most delicious Potatos and Spices. Now in pursuit, they are currently seeking refuge on Mt. Mjolnir!

Requires the following monsters;

  • 1775 Smokie
  • 1775 Gift Stealing Smokie
  • 1775 Sock Stealing Smokie
  • 3 Mistress
  • 3 Garm

Requires the following Items;

  • 5300 Potato
  • 5000 Racoon Doll
  • 5000 Raccoon Leaf
  • 3550 Bag of Smokie Goods(1)
  • 3550 Bag of Smokie Goods(2)

Rewards are the following;

Digital DisasterEdit

[Rating: ☆☆☆☆]
[Map: 'jupe_core' ]

  • 'The Juperos Times' is a well renown daily dazette printing company. However, a hacker of sorts has infected the Juperos Ruins printing company, unleashing unresponsive killing machines!

Requires the following monsters;

  • 4321 Dimik
  • 4321 Dimik
  • 4321 Venatu
  • 4321 Venatu
  • 3 Vesper

Requires the following Items;

  • 17284 Fragment
  • 17284 Rusty Screw
  • 17284 Transparant Plate
  • 17284 Transparant Plate
  • 17284 Used Iron Plate

Rewards are the following;

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