For each consecutive day that your account logs in to AsgardRO, you will be rewarded;

  • 1 Attendance Ticket that can be exchanged by the Attendance Reward NPC found at (1@eom 119,194)
  • 1 Lucky Roulette Bronze Coin that can be found in your 'Usable' tab in your inventory. Once used, it will reward you with one Bronze Credit to try your chances at the Lucky Roulette!


The Attendance Reward NPC will exchange Attendance Tickets in intervals of 7. Content is subject to change.

(7) TicketsEdit

"Giant Fly Wing Box x500"
"Fire Elemental Converter x100"
"Water Elemental Converter x100"
"Wind Elemental Converter x100"
"Earth Elemental Converter x100"
"Poison Bottle x100"
"Acid Demonstration Kit x100"
"Lord of Vermillion Scroll Kit x50"
"Meteor Storm Scroll Kit x50"
"HD Elunium Box x50"
"HD Oridecon Box x50"
"Convex Lense x15"
"HD Bradium Box x10"
"HD Carnium Box x10"
"Bubble Gum Box x5"
"Gym Pass x2"
"Lord Kaho's Horns [1]"
"Emblem of the Sun"
"Robo Eye"
"Ifrit's Ears"

(14) TicketsEdit

"Apprentice Buff Scroll Kit (75)"
"HD Elunium Box x150"
"HD Oridecon Box x150"
"Guardian Charm Stone Bundle x50"
"HD Bradium Box x25"
"HD Carnium Box x25"
"HE Bubble Gum x5"
"Eternal Wings"
"Bio Laboratory Transformation Bundle"
"Superb Bundle of Food"
"Entrepreneur Certificate"
"Boarding Halter Lead (Mount)"
"King Dragon Helmet[1]"
"Veteran Valkyrie Helm[1]"
"Gigantic Majestic Goat [1]"
"Backpack of Bravery[1]"

(21) TicketsEdit

"Guardian Charm Stone Bundle x150"
"Deviling Wings"
"Little Angel Wings"
"Sleipnir [1]"
"Asprika [1]"
"Hair of a Super Saiyan[1]"
"Fallen Angel Wings"

(28) TicketsEdit

"Surter's Nameless[4]"
"Loki's Mistletoe [4]"
"Hyperion [1]"
"Scelestus [1]"
"Brilliant Seraphim Wings"