When players succeed in synthesizing Shadow Garments from Inori, they will immediately be able to start enchanting them. You may reach the Enchantment Zone either via the "Navigator" found throughout Damascene Ago, or by simply typing @enchant.

  • Currently there are over 80 possible enchantments available for Shadow Garments varying from I-XX. (VI, VII, VIII, etc).
  • Specific NPCs found in the Enchantment Zone will enchant custom bonuses upon Shadow Garments into their respective 2nd, 3rd, and 4th slot.
  • Enchantments for Brynhild, Asprika, and Sleipnir will be implemented soon!

Shadow Garment EnchantingEdit

Depending on the Shadow Garment that you have crafted from Inori, corresponding NPCs will be available inside of the Enchantment Zone. Each of these NPCs coorelate to a specifc enchantment slot of a specific Shadow Garment.

  • Each Enchantment NPC is designed slightly different. You will be able to see a list of possible enchantments for each slot. Because of this, the best possible outcome of 1-10 ranked enchantments is (8), (9), (10), whereas enchantments that extend 1-20, have the best possible outcome of (18),(19),(20). Resulting in, and limited to being maximized at something similar to (18),(9),(20) as well as (8),(19),(10) in enchantment rank.
  • The fee for enchanting is (x) Zeny.
  • Enchantments unlock potential by scaling on the refinement rate of your Shadow Garment.
  • An additional feature that would break your Shadow Garment by a small % has been removed entirely. Resulting is a 100% successful enchantment attempt every time!


By the same Enchantment NPCs that players use to enchant, an option to Initialize is also available. Initialization will remove the enchantment found on the slot the NPC coorelates to. For example, if a player interacts with 'Eternal Angel (4th slot)' and selects the Initialization option. For a small charge of 250 Asgard Valor, the NPC will remove the enchantment (if one exists) found in the 4th slot of your Shadow Garment.

  • This process can be repeated until the most ideal Enchantment combinations are obtained.