AsgardRO offers a plentiful amount of custom weapons that will cater to any true die-hard gamer. It wouldn't be possible to fully give each and every weapon the praise that they deserve, as many attributes and additional effects offered are sometimes 'Key' when combining items to complete a very unique build!

  • You may reach the Item Mall by interacting with the "Navigator" NPC.
  • You may also reach the Item Mall by simply typing @mall

Custom [4] WeaponsEdit

Every weapon available through the Item Mall is customized. Attack, Stats, Slots, Refine Effects, Price, and Unique Characteristic. (ex: Glorious One being a One-Handed Bow, as well as Von Engel being a One-Handed Revolver.)

  • Item Mall is subject to change.

Themed Misc ShopsEdit

The Item Mall doesn't only offer certain essentials like Weapons, Ammunition, and Ninja Stones. Certain shops available in the Item Mall have specific themes to the varity of items that are up for sale. For example: There is a Bird Tamer NPC which allows players to purchase 'Bird Related' headgears for Zeny. In addition to these cosmetic themed shops, there is a small amount of more expensive headgears for sale inside of these Themed Shops that offer peculiar effects!

  • It is worth mentioning that a Mudkip Egg can be purchased from the Pet Shop inside of the Item Mall.